Capturing Customer's Journey, from Prospects to Loyal Followers

Your customers are the building blocks of your company. You're tracking their activities on your website, their engagement with your email campaigns, and also issues that they submit through your support portal.  Customers in different stages will prefer different ways to engage (as diagram above illustrates), and all of these information need to be captured somewhere.  In B2B settings, Customer Success teams will even occasionally check in with customers via phone or face-to-face meetings.  As customers become more sophisticated, interactions become more complex with numerous touchpoints from various channels. CRMs created in the 90s and early 2000s are insufficient to track all customer activities that's happening right now.

Customer Success Software

A new wave of CRMs, or as the new industry calls it, "Customer Success Platforms", have emerged over the past few years and building their presence on top of the dated CRMs.  The leader of the pack is Gainsight, which aggregates everything from user engagement data (such as Google Analytics) and support issues, (think Zendesk) to customer surveys, and determines the health of your customer based on signals from aggregated data.  Similarly, Intercom is making a dent in multi-channel communications, where customers can reach out via chat and SMS.  These are all great tools to track your customers, but there is one important missing piece of the puzzle that completes the picture of your customer's journey - emails.Business emails have been growing at a 13% rate year-over-year since 2012.  It is the most ubiquitous form of communication, and there is no signs of slowing.  Emails are already being captures for Customer Support tools like Zendesk.  But, imagine capturing email activities from the beginning of the journey (while prospecting), in addition to multi-channel interactions with customers - now you have a complete picture of your customer's journey, from prospects to loyal followers.

How are emails being captured today?

CRMs and Customer Success Software I mentioned above all capture emails, some by bcc'ing a system email address, and others sit directly inside your inbox as a plug-in.  These are great solutions, but it is impossible to search through them.Another way I've seen people hack this is using an email alias or group, and every email that needs to be tracked will be bcc'ed with the alias.  If you're using Gmail, this actually creates searchable archives.  But an additional action of bcc'ing is oftentimes tedious, and you lose the inbound communication if your customers take out those aliases.

Okay, now what?

For those of you who thinks that there has to be a better solution out there, now there is!  ContextSmith recently launched their product that intelligently aggregates all customer emails and turn them into customer insights.  Yes, yes, it is our product, but I feel the urge to mention it because it's free to try, and only takes 10 seconds to sign up.  In addition, we're constantly improving our product, so your features requests or feedback will help define our product roadmap.  You can now click on "Get Started for FREE" button on the top right.