Take a Peek at How We Classify Your External Emails Into Structured Streams

One of the toughest challenges about managing a large, enterprise project is mitigating the communications overhead.  Communications within the project teams may include technical lead, engineers, business analysts, project manager, trainer, sales and customer success teams.  This doesn't include communication with external stakeholders, such as the sponsors, IT team, security team, business users, and sometimes even outsourcing teams.  Oftentimes, the teams are spread out across time zones and geographical areas, making collaboration even more difficult.

Even though project managers use various tools to manage project scope, timeline, and budget, the main communication tool between internal and external project teams is email.  While modern tools like Asana and Slack work well with internal project collaboration by replacing emails, B2B customers will always use emails, which can become counterproductive given the restricted nature of individuals' inboxes.  We saw this gap, and this is where ContextSmith fills in the communication needs and helps project teams become more transparent about every moving pieces of their complex projects.

This leads me to an important announcement - last week, we quietly launched a preview of our product to the public!  We're looking for project managers and project teams to test drive the engine, which also puts you on the priority list for our beta program!  This release does not have a UI, but it should give you an idea about how we're able to classify your emails into projects.  Feel free to direct your feedback to "will [at] contextsmith.com".  We look forward to working with you!