Email Tracker: New features, bug fixes, and updates

It has been 2 weeks since we launched our free Email Tracker Chrome Extension.  Thanks again for your support.  Without you, we wouldn't have made all the exciting updates!

What we fixed: No more multiple sidebars

If you previously experiencing multiple sidebars or slow-down in your Gmail, it was because there was a conflict between our extension and the others that you're using.  If you're in that camp, we're really sorry!  Great news is that we have fixed the issue and you can now enjoy the free forever Email Tracker along with 1000+ other happy users!  Give us another spin and we'd love to win you back as a happy customer.

What's new: Conversation history brings you back in time


We added the ability to jump to your email by clicking on the timeline in our sidebar. No more searching for past communication!

What's new: Refer colleagues and friend directly from our sidebar


Of course you want to share the love and get your team to have super power abilities.  Easily share with your colleagues and friends.We're working on more new features that helps improve your daily productivity, whether you're sales for a small business.  Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter!