Introducing ContextSmith, the First Customer Intelligence Platform that Extracts Insights from Your Inbox

Wow, six months ago, my co-founder Richard and I were still meeting at McDonald's, hacking away, getting fat on the late night snacks, and convincing our wives that we were really working.  Since then, we have doubled our team and are backed by some really great investors and customers.  We've been beta-testing our software for months now, and today, we officially announced the launch of our product!  In case you're not familiar with us, ContextSmith is a Account Intelligence Platform that aggregates and monitors all account touch points from your team's inbox, delivering real-time 360 view of your account's lifecycle – increasing revenue and productivity.  We help B2B companies avoid awkward but realistic situations like:

  • Sales rep pinging a customer for reference, only to find that the account is being escalated.
  • Sales hand-off process to Customer Success or Services is basically forwarding a bunch of emails around.
  • Looking like an idiot when your customer (or your boss) ask you about the latest status, and all you can think about is spending hours searching your inbox, stitching data together from multiple sources, and asking others to summarize key account activities.

You're busy, we get it.  There's no time nor resource to keep track of everything that's going on with your accounts.  ContextSmith prevents things from slipping through the cracks and fire drills, because we stay on top of your customers for you, giving your team and cross-functional teams visibility into complex, high-touch projects.

How Our Secret Sauce Works

We use a couple different proprietary technologies to automatically aggregate and structure everyone's emails. Rest of the post may make us seem like we're the startup jackpot - scoring every single technology keyword that investors are looking for - so I apologize in advance! One thing to keep in mind, though, is how we apply these technologies differently than how people typically think of them, so let me quickly explain how our technologies work. 

Augmented Intelligence

We believe in augmenting human intelligence, not replacing it.  A precursor of anything we do with the customer data, is to aggregate and structure everyone's email conversations.  We can centralize your whole team's inboxes into one place, and cluster them into "project steams", so anyone can follow conversations like they follow Slack channels.  The clear benefit here is inter-team communication is completely eliminated without cc'ing everyone else, and added benefit is for Sales and Product team to listen in on conversation about critical customers.  No one is flying blind anymore, and teams don't have to spend time looking for information from their inboxes.AI structure email

Data Science

After we automatically cluster these "project streams" (you can modify them, of course), we layer analytics on top.  This is where  executives can get an overview of all critical accounts and high-level action items to move the customers along their lifecycle.  ContextSmith identify trends and alerts the team when there's a drastic change in customer behavior.  One interesting analysis that we present is how busy is the team and whether they have successfully achieve goals for customer science

Natural Language Processing

The main value proposition of our product is to be able to extract negative sentiment, risks and action items directly from email content.  ContextSmith continuously monitor all communication traffic and extract risks, negative sentiment, and critical due dates that may otherwise get drowned in your emails.

Get Up and Running in Minutes

Finally, one nice advantage about ContextSmith is that there is nothing to download or install.  We plug in directly into your email server's API, so your whole team can be up and running in minutes, not months.  Not only do you not have to invest in resources to set us up, we will be able to deliver value to you almost instantly.Want to see it in action with your own data?  SCHEDULE AN EXCLUSIVE DEMO with me!