New Product Launch: Free Email Tracker for Gmail

Last week, we launched our free email tracking chrome extension. Why do you care? Because it's free, forever.  For those who live in your inbox, this tool will save you time and increase your contact engagement.I used to work in Sales, and my company has always paid for Email Tracking and Contact Profile tools. These email features are now an indispensable part of my daily workflow. Now that I started my own company, I wanted my whole team to have this superpower - not just sales, but all customer-facing teams. However, paying for everyone starts getting expensive. So we built one for ourselves instead and decided to let the world have it as well, for free.We've gotten some amazing responses on Product Hunt - clean, minimalistic, and nimble - and is working through new feature requests. Below are a few key features, and you can also learn more about our chrome extension here.

Tracking a recipient


We've kept things simple. When recipients opened a tracking email you will be notified in the tracking button. All of the tracked emails you sent in Gmail will be in the Opened or Unopened tab. We also included the option of pausing the tracking, should you decide to go back.

Get more information about your contacts


If knowledge is power, then knowing more about your contacts gives you powerful context about their job title and past communications.  A few "salesy" metrics include Number of Sent Messages, Open and Engagement Rates.

We built the extensions for...

  • Account managers, sales, customer relationship teams, and anyone with who deals with people outside of your org.

  • People who sends a lot of emails and wondering if the emails were read.

Our chrome extension is just scratching the surface about the context we offer while talking to your customers.  Check out our solution to get insights around your whole organization's engagement and communications with your customers.Try it now for free!